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I’ve thought of those days, each time I’ve wrapped the bowl in newspaper to move: to a better apartment, to a new city for a job, to move in with the man I would eventually marry.

in No Contact

The coy glances. The smiles as they say “good night” to each other. The time his hand brushes hers as he points out a metaphor on the page she’s reading.

in MoonPark Review

After he left, everyone kept telling me that I looked tired. I was tired, but the truth was, I’d already been a single mother for years even with him there.

in Schuylkill Valley Journal

Astronauts train for spacewalks in a swimming pool or in virtual reality. Don’t be alarmed by the heaviness of dread in your limbs. You can do this, moving through the deep water, toward the light.

in CutBank Online

“Got What I Asked For” in The Bulletin, Alan Squire Publishing 

“Every Year Is Going to Be the One” for Hobart

Micro for Mythic Picnic “Persephone” in Mythic Picnic v6

“On the Reflected Counter” at 50 Word Stories

“Within the Fold” in 101 Words

“Delivery” in Apiary Magazine Essential Issue

“Even Pluto’s Orbit Crosses Within.” Entropy, October 2019

“The Weight of Expectancy.” Every Day Fiction, April 2019

Older Publications

“Let’s make Philly schools the better choice.” Philadelphia Inquirer, March 7, 2017.

“As Below, So Above.” Lumen, September 2015.

“On Discovering a Man I was Secretly in Love with Wrote a Poem Portraying Me in an Unflattering Light.” Lilith, Summer 2013. Winner, Lilith Short Fiction Prize. 

“Luck.” Loch Raven Review, Spring 2009. 

“Ghost Bite.” Quarterly West, Winter 2006. Winner, Quarterly West Novella Prize.


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